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Do you want more time- Reflections Counselling Lincoln - Jane Travis

Do you want more time? Try this!

Time.  It's such an interesting concept.  

Probably the most valuable commodity we have, but we waste so much of it.   

But what if I was to tell you a really simple way to find yourself more time?

When antidepressants aren't enough - Reflections Counselling Lincoln - Jane Travis

When Antidepressants Aren’t Enough.

People have opinions about antidepressants:

Some people see taking them as a sign of weakness, proof that they have failed in some way.

Some people have very high expectations of them, and expect to feel happy whilst on them.

​Some people are afraid of them, worrying that they will become addicted and never be free of them. 

Whatever your view, they are very helpful for a lot of people.  

But what happens when you come off them?


Next Christmas…

As we put away the Christmas decorations for another year and put the unwanted gifts on eBay, it’s a great opportunity to think about how your Christmas was and think about how you would like next Christmas to be.

Maybe it was everything you hoped it would be, or a time of tension, loneliness and boredom. Maybe it was frankly a disappointment which has just left you feeling exhausted and worried if your credit card will get you through January?

Here is something very simple you can do to make your next Christmas the Christmas you’d really like to have.


The Curse Of Perfectionism

What does 'perfectionist' mean to you?  

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Let's take a look!


Why Pleasing Everyone Won’t Make You Happy

Will you be happier with more money?  Possibly.

Will you be happier with a flash car?  Maybe. 

Will you be happier if you were slim?  Could be. 

All of these things in and of themselves won’t make you happy. There are plenty of rich, slim, flashy car driving people out there that aren’t happy.


Why The Benefits Of Counselling Last A Lifetime

Counselling brings about very positive change, there is no doubt about that. However something that often isn’t appreciated is that the benefits of counselling can last a lifetime.

Why is that?


8 Simple Tips For A Healthy Work/Life Balance

Is work encroaching on your social life just a little too much? Are you finding it hard to ‘turn off’ work in your mind?

You spend so much time at work, and there is an expectation to work longer hours or take work home.  

And working from home​ always sounds great, but that can mean work encroaches on your personal/social/family time just a little too much. 

In a perfect world, you would work your allotted hours and no more, but this isn't a perfect world, so how can you maintain a healthy work/life balance? 

Take a look at these ​8 simple tips.

Let's Talk About Anger - Reflections Counselling Lincoln

Let’s Talk About Anger

Why is it so important to talk about anger?

The phrase 'anger management' always makes me picture a room full of furious people who are on the verge of breaking chairs over each other's heads!

And if I'm honest, when I first started seeing people with issues around anger I did sometimes feel a little anxious about whether someone might turn up with steam shooting out of their ears and clenched fists!

However I am delighted to say that has never been the case.

7 ways to find happiness every day - Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln

7 Ways to Find Happiness Every Day

Would an all inclusive trip to the Maldives make you happy? The feel of the soft, white sand between your toes, and something cold to drink?

Or waking up to find you have miraculous got the body you’ve always dreamed of?

Or bought your dream house, or car?


Well, me too. But if you only get your happiness from holidays, or being a certain weight/size, or from buying new things then it may be that you're seriously limiting your ability to be happy.

So how about you increase the happiness you feel in your everyday lives?

6 Simple anger management tips - Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln

6 Simple Anger Management Tips

Anger is a normal and healthy human emotion and can be a positive thing.

It can also cause problems, so what can you do to cope with your anger better?


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