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Christmas survival guide day 5- 3 ways to deal with overeating at christmas - Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln

The Christmas Survival Guide Day 5: 3 Ways To Deal With Overeating At Christmas

How do you deal with overeating at Christmas?

It's easy to overeat at Christmas.  Expected, even.  I mean, you've been given permission - it's officially a feast time. 

And as you lounge about watching TV, you're inner monologue goes 'Just one more Chocolate, and then I'll stop.  Definitely, this time.  Mmm...that was yummy.... ok, one more, then that's it...'

Sound familiar?

How to be fabulous! Don#t let your negative body image spoil your night, noone notices your flaws but you - Reflections Counselling Lincoln

How To Be Fabulous!

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This was a Girls Night Out that had been months in the planning.

Spirits, along with heels, hems and hair, were high. The collective volume - also high.

​Let's take a look at two of the girls in the group:

On the night out there are a pair of identical twins: for this experiment I'll call them 'Twin A' and 'Twin B'.They're totally identical - hair, height, weight but also have a similar character.

Twin A is having the time of her life. She is chatting, laughing, dancing, smiling and flirting.

Twin B looks very uncomfortable. She stays in her seat, avoids eye contact and self consciously pulls at her clothes.

What's making their behaviour so different?