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Christmas survival guide day 7- Christmas Arguments - Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln

Christmas Survival Guide Day 7: Christmas Arguments

It wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas argument!

Picture this: you're driving to see family for Christmas.  Sparkly nail polish - check. Rudolf 'flashing nose' earrings on - check.  Cheesy Christmas songs on the radio - check. Enormous tub of chocolates - check.   

The boot is full of carefully chosen and beautifully wrapped presents and you smile in anticipation of your loved ones opening them and being delighted.  ​Despite the mucky weather and traffic jams you feel happy, and at peace with the world. 

What could possibly go wrong?​

Christmas survival guide day 4- Coping strategies for introverts - Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln

Christmas Survival Guide Day 4: Coping Strategies For Introverts

Coping strategies for introverts at Christmas 

You love your family, of course you do.  But you especially love them in small doses and from a distance! 

If you're an introvert and aren't used to being in such close proximity to so many people, you can feel your batteries draining quickly.  It all feels claustrophobic and stressful and you want to get away. 

How do you cope​?  

Setting boundaries - Reflections Counselling Lincoln - Jane Travis

Setting Boundaries

I was watching something on TV, and they said:

'The truth is like a toothbrush - you only share it with people you trust'.

And I thought 'Eew! I'd NEVER share a toothbrush!'

But some people do, and they don't mind doing it!

Which is fine, we're all different​, and we all have different boundaries.

The trick is KNOWING those boundaries and enforcing them, so when someone visits me and has forgotten their toothbrush, they will get a firm 'EEW NO!' when they ask to borrow mine!​

Knowing how I feel about sharing my toothbrush is clear, but how do I work out other boundaries in life?​

Do you want more time- Reflections Counselling Lincoln - Jane Travis

Do you want more time? Try this!

Time.  It's such an interesting concept.  

Probably the most valuable commodity we have, but we waste so much of it.   

But what if I was to tell you a really simple way to find yourself more time?


Next Christmas…

As we put away the Christmas decorations for another year and put the unwanted gifts on eBay, it’s a great opportunity to think about how your Christmas was and think about how you would like next Christmas to be.

Maybe it was everything you hoped it would be, or a time of tension, loneliness and boredom. Maybe it was frankly a disappointment which has just left you feeling exhausted and worried if your credit card will get you through January?

Here is something very simple you can do to make your next Christmas the Christmas you’d really like to have.

Let's Talk About Anger - Reflections Counselling Lincoln

Let’s Talk About Anger

Why is it so important to talk about anger?

The phrase 'anger management' always makes me picture a room full of furious people who are on the verge of breaking chairs over each other's heads!

And if I'm honest, when I first started seeing people with issues around anger I did sometimes feel a little anxious about whether someone might turn up with steam shooting out of their ears and clenched fists!

However I am delighted to say that has never been the case.

Why anger is good - Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln

Why anger is good.

Anger is really bad, right?

Well no, actually. It all depends on what we do with that anger, and it can actually be very good.

Anger is a normal and natural human emotion, an emotion the same as any other and is neither good nor bad.

However it's what we do with that anger matters.

How can you make your anger work as a power for good?​