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Christmas survival guide day 6- Christmas Remembrance- Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln

The Christmas Survival Guide Day 6: Christmas Remembrance

Remembering loved ones

Christmas can be a time of joy, but the loss of a loved one can make Christmas a time of sadness and stress.

Whether bereaved recently or many years ago, memories of Christmas past aren't far away, and can bring sadness.  

It's normal, it's understandable. ​

What's the best way to deal with it?

Christmas survival guide day 3- Being alone at Christmas - Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln

Christmas Survival Guide Day 3: Being Alone At Christmas

Aah, the perfect family Christmas.  Twinkly houses, roaring fires, people smiling lovingly at each other whilst taking a family walk in Christmas jumpers after lunch.  

Oh wait, that was a Christmas advert.  Sorry.  

​When images of perfect families and great friends are all around us, what happens when you spend Christmas on your own?

Here are 14 suggestions just for you.

Christmas survival guide day 2- new Christmas Traditions - Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln (1)

Christmas Survival Guide Day 2: New Christmas Traditions

What Christmas traditions do you have? 

We all have some sort of Christmas Traditions, from the traditions most people have like a tree and Santa, to the traditions different countries have, like food and songs.

Then there are those silly family Christmas traditions - the time and method of opening gifts, what's eaten for lunch, games, knowing that great aunt Flossie will drink too much sherry, fall asleep and snore - it's all good. 

But things change, children grow, relationships break up and people move away. 

How can you handle change at Christmas?

How to manage emotions when the unthinkable happens- Reflections Counselling Lincoln - Jane Travis

How To Manage Your Emotions When The Unthinkable Happens

*Article originally posted on JaneTravis.com

'Have you seen the news today, mum?' said my son.

My heart sank - what now? What new horror has happened in the world?

Today, I watch the news in disbelief, my head swimming as I hear about a truck being deliberately driven into innocent people in Nice, just the latest of a series of horrendous acts of terror, civil unrest and war.

How can I possibly cope with more horror?

The Downside Of Gratitude - Reflections Counselling Lincoln - Jane Travis

The downside of gratitude

Gratitude journals are very popular at the moment, with just cause - many of us are more blessed that our grandparents could have ever imagined.

But it's easy to get wrapped up in insignificant trivia that frankly doesn't matter, so it's good to be reminded of lifes simple pleasures and of what's really important.

However there's a dark side to gratitude that is often missed, and can cause you damage.

Let me explain...

6 Simple anger management tips - Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln

6 Simple Anger Management Tips

Anger is a normal and healthy human emotion and can be a positive thing.

It can also cause problems, so what can you do to cope with your anger better?