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Christmas survival guide day 9- 7 Ways to beat the post Christmas blues - Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln

Christmas is over for another year, and as you pack away the decorations you sigh - the house looks so empty!  It seems dull and cold - in fact after all the build up to the big event, everything seems flat.

So just diets, painful exercise, no money, work and dark, cold weather to look forward to. 

Jeez, that sounds bleak!  

How can you fight off the post Christmas blues?​


​1. Resolutions

New years resolutions: because January simply doesn't feel bleak enough!

Some resolutions will make you miserable - if you tell yourself you have to stop doing something you like, or start doing something you hate.  

Don't make that kind of resolution.  Just don't.  

Instead, I'd like you to consider your resolutions carefully, and choose something that's empowering, positive and kind.  

Take a read of 'New Year, New You? 6 Positive and Empowering Resolutions for 2017'​

2. Write

If you know me at all, you'll know I'm a massive advocate of journaling so mentioning it here won't surprise you!

The benefits of journaling are widely documented:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve self esteem
  • Understand relationships
  • Increase self care
  • End self sabotage
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Identify problems
  • Increase motivation
  • Discover strengths
  • Silence self criticism
  • Uncover behaviour patterns

Starting a journal has many benefits, so get started today, and if you don't know where to start I have a step by step guide for you, just CLICK HERE for more details.

You can explore what you liked about Christmas, what you'd have liked more of and less of so you can make your next Christmas better than ever! 

3. Presents

You'll have been bought some Christmas gifts, so use them!  That beautifully scented candle, those luxurious toiletries, that new book... don't just put them away or save them for a special occasion, use then and enjoy them. 

4. Plan ​

Get your diary out and get planning some fun things to do.  A weekend away, a spa visit, a night out.  Having fun things to look forward to will lift your spirits.

​5. Stimulate your mind

It's easy to get stale, doing the same thing day in, day out, so change things up a bit and learn something new.  ​

If you've always fancied learning to cook Indian food, or starting a blog, or a different language, or how to sew - now's a great time to make it happen. ​

6. Pimp up your room​

So you've cleared away the Christmas decorations, and the place seems so dull. Bigger, but lacking something.  ​

It's time to make your living environment cozy and fabulous!

Go and buy a couple of new lamps to give your room a cozy ambiance​, or a luxurious new throw to cozy under.  An easy way to pep up a room is to buy some new cushions.

A mini makeover will really lift your spirits!​

7. Get outside

A walk outside always helps, and if it can be around nature, all the better so dress appropriately and get some fresh air! 

So kick the January blues, and make it fun! 

How to start a journal - step by step instructions for starting a journal, including 7 different methods and questions for reflection

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