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7 ways to find happiness every day - Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln

Would an all inclusive trip to the Maldives make you happy? The feel of the soft, white sand between your toes, and something cold to drink?

Or waking up to find you have miraculous got the body you’ve always dreamed of?

Or bought your dream house, or car?


Well, me too. But if you only get your happiness from holidays, or being a certain weight/size, or from buying new things then it may be that you're seriously limiting your ability to be happy.

So how about you increase the happiness you feel in your everyday lives?


Here are 7 of lifes simple pleasures

1.  A long hot bath​

On a cold day, after a long, hard day at work or caring for the kids, what could be better than a warm bath.

Add your best bath oils/bubbles - this is the special occasion you've been waiting for, have a clean fluffy towel warming and sink in for a relaxing half hour surrounded by warmth and peace.

You may like music playing, or to read, or a glass of wine, or candles.

Close your eyes and enjoy the moment, be aware of the warm water, be aware of the scent of the bath oil and take a deep breath in, slowly breathing out. Lovely.

2.  Fresh linen in the bed

I never sleep better than when there's fresh linen on the bed.

It's an everyday treat (and works hand in hand with a long hot bath). A cluttered room makes it harder to relax, so a tidy room, a well made bed, soft lighting and a good book always makes me feel pampered, relaxed and happy. Try it!

3.  Connecting

Have you ever been so exhausted in the evening that even the thought of a conversation with a friend feels like too much effort?  So you text, or use social media as its easier.

But a catch up with a friend might be just what you need. A giggle, a gossip, a rant can do you the world of good, and strengthen that social connection.

So turn off the TV, pick up the phone and communicate.

4.  Music

Music has the capacity to tap into our emotions, so use this to your advantage. Make a playlist of music that picks you up, makes you sing along and tap your feet. Listen to an old favourite CD you havent listened to for a while which reminds you of good times.

Alternatively, if you play an instrument make time to play. It really doesn't matter if you aren't very good, but it is something that can give so much pleasure.

5.  Pampering

Do you have a cupboard full of toiletries you were given as a gift but haven't opened?

Or clothes hanging in the wardrobe you are waiting for a special occasion for?

Well, today's the day!

Use that body lotion, wear your best perfume every day, it's one of lifes simple pleasures! Wear your best underwear, it'll give you a lift (in more ways than one!!). Leave the house feeling good about yourself. You really are worth it! And its a simple way to raise your self esteem.

6.  Nature

The beauty of nature is something that's available to all, and is something that givse enormous pleasure, whether you live in the city or the country.

Take a moment to appreciate a sunset, cloud formation, a web covered in dew or a bee collecting pollen.

Maybe some gardening, or a walk in the country.

Feeling a connection to nature and your surroundings can give an enormous sense of wellbeing, and increase happiness and contentment.

7.  Random acts of kindness​

Small acts of kindness can totally change your day.

A conversation with a stranger, letting someone in front of you in a queue, buying an unexpected gift for someone, compliment someone or tell someone they are doing a good job. These will all give you a sense of wellbeing and pleasure.

And I could go on - the smell of fresh baked bread, a babies smile, the perfect cup of coffee, hot buttered toast, being warm and cozy watching a storm, laughing till your tummy hurts, finding an elusive parking space, finding a pound coin on the floor, good hair days......

The point is, simple pleasures are everywhere. The question is - do you notice and appreciate them? If you do, then you bring yourself everyday happiness.

So tell me - what are your simple pleasures?

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Jane Travis is a qualified and experienced counsellor and clinical supervisor in the Lincoln area. She has been working at Reflections Counselling Lincoln since 2005. She also helps other counsellors and therapists market and grow their private practices at JaneTravis.co.uk.

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