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Why anger is good - Jane Travis, Reflections Counselling Lincoln

Why anger is good.

Anger is really bad, right?

Well no, actually. It all depends on what we do with that anger, and it can actually be very good.

Anger is a normal and natural human emotion, an emotion the same as any other and is neither good nor bad.

However it's what we do with that anger matters.

How can you make your anger work as a power for good?​


Often when people think of anger they think of rage, violence and aggression which are, of course, bad and although some people get violent or aggressive when angry, they are completely different things.

If your anger turns to violence and aggression, you will already be aware how destructive that can be to yourself, others and your relationships. This can change - see a counsellor for help with anger management.

What is anger?

You feel angry when there has been an injustice done, either to ourselves or to others, and this is why anger can be very positive. Take a look at Amnesty International an organisation dedicated to using anger regarding unfairness and injustice to campaign to make positive changes.

Anger fires us up and brings about change, and thats why it's positive. Someone does you an injustice and you get angry, and you do something about it!

​For example: At work, someone keeps using your coffee without asking.

You feel angry as there has been an injustice done - they're stealing your coffee, disrespecting you by not asking permission and not caring about you having to spend your money to fund this.

Is it wrong to feel angry?

No. If you don't say anything you will feel resentful, and this will grow and grow until the anger bursts out inappropriately, or you feel stressed.

Anger brings about change, so what can you do.

  • Email everyone and point out that you're aware of your coffee being used and please ask before using your stuff
  • Keep your coffee in a drawer so it's not available
  • Suggest starting a coffee fund and have everyone donate to shared stock

So listen to your anger, it can be a very useful thing, because if you notice when you get angry and reflect on the reasons why,  positive changes can be made.

However if you get angry but deny it or try to ignore it, then you're filled with resentment, and resentment can be a lot more destructive that correctly expressed anger.

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Jane Travis is a qualified and experienced counsellor and clinical supervisor in the Lincoln area. She has been working at Reflections Counselling Lincoln since 2005. She also helps other counsellors and therapists market and grow their private practices at JaneTravis.co.uk.

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